Osteopathy and physical therapies in Mallorca

(Thera) Gun for Hire

Anyone know what this is?

If you know then you’ll already appreciate what an incredible tool it is for working on muscles, BUT if you don’t know… let us introduce to you our Theragun Pro…

The 4th generation Theragun PRO is TheraBody’s top-tier, professional-grade tool for advanced percussive therapy and deep muscle treatment and recovery.

The PRO is calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle (at 40 times per second) than the average electronic massager.

The latest Theragun PRO continues to offer athletes the reliable performance, ease-of-use, and versatility that has made the name an industry leader. This includes the patented Theragun Triangle ergonomic handle with four unique arm positions, along with custom speed selections, Bluetooth connectivity, and an OLED screen to display your current speed and responsive force meter. All orders also come standard with (6) closed-cell foam attachments.

But these tools are expensive and not everyone can afford them, so we’ve decided to buy a Theragun specifically for our clients to use and rent for short periods of time to help them recover and rehab from injuries at home as well as in clinic with us.

Send us an email if you’d like to know more about our plan!


Stay safe when you are cycling in Mallorca

If you are cycling in Mallorca, then get this app on your phone. If you are injured then this app can help you be found quickly.
Let’s hope that you don’t ever need it, but better to have it than not we think!

Quark tastes good and does good as well!

Quark is a very popular home remedy for injuries, sunburn and fever. This was brought to Joe’s attention by one of his former patients and be thought it would be good to share this with all the Care For Health patients. Besides it is 3 Kings and here in Spain, the kings come bearing gifts. So here is Joe’s gift to all of you for 2022!

In order to understand how quark works against inflammation, you need to know how it is created.

In acidified milk, liquid whey is separated from the curd, which becomes more solid. This process continues during a curd application on your skin. The soothing quark dries on the skin and the whey continues to leak out. This removes metabolic toxins or inflammatory substances from the skin. Casein, which is contained in quark cheese, has attractive properties and properly restores the damaged metabolism. Thus, the quark acquires its useful properties against inflammation: It has a cooling, analgesic, decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect. The cooling effect of quark causes the vessels to constrict. As a result, blood flow is reduced and the tissue swells.

Examples of use of cold quark compresses:

Joint pain and inflammation (such as osteoarthritis)
Sprains, bruises
Inflammation of the superficial veins

How to make cold quark compresses:

You’ll need fresh cottage cheese (250 to 300 grams) and cloth/cloths/compresses sized to fit, a spatula, compresses or gauze pads, and a pad to protect from dirt.
Take the fresh quark out of the refrigerator 30 minutes before use so that it can warm up a bit.
Cut the fabric into pieces that fit you and cover the affected area well.
Spread a good layer of curd (about 1 cm thick) on the fabric.
Flip the fabric once so that the curd is enclosed.
Apply the curd poultice on the affected area.
Wrap it tightly around the spot. Be careful not to disturb the blood circulation.
For fixation you can wrap the wrap with an extra outer cloth.
Remove the poultice when the curd becomes warm or begins to dry (about 20 to 40 minutes).
If you want to make a quark application spontaneously (maybe for a sports injury) you can use cling film instead of the fabric.
Cooling compresses make the cooling effect of the wraps much more intense.
You can repeat the curd application against inflammation. For inflammations, five to ten applications of 30 minutes are recommended.
After application, you should wash your skin with lukewarm water and dry it well.
After that, cover the body part warmly and let it rest for 15 minutes.

Extra information:

Curd compresses are especially popular with children. They are often a natural alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs. Quark wraps are generally not recommended for children under two years of age. Quark should never be spread on open wounds/sores. It should always be fresh when you use it for an application.
Also, if you have a cow’s milk allergy, you should stay away from quark wraps.

In conclusion:

Always available, no side effects that we know of and inexpensive – and a real wonder weapon for minor aches and pains. Using quark against inflammation can be very effective. A quark wrap is really quick to make and the relief is priceless! Why not try a cool quark poultice the next time you have an inflammation or even a sunburn? And if you still have some quark left over, you can prepare a delicious snack right away. It’s good for you, and it tastes good!

As always: If you have long-term health problems, go to your family doctor and clarify it exactly. Even effective home remedies have their limits.

On your bike! 

Joe Arrindell working on a professional cyclist

Meanwhile, Joe is working at the Spanish cycling race La Vuelta 2020!

Joe will be away for 3.5 weeks working with the cycling team Israel Startup Nation as their travelling osteopath taking care of the riders as they compete in this demanding competition.

During his absence colleagues Amanda and Miguel will be available for appointments. You can book online to see them at www.carefourhealth.com

Joe will keep us updated on his travels as he crosses Spain with this exciting team. Good luck Joe and have fun!