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Are you struggling with a health problem or have a question but can’t make it to a face to face appointment with a practitioner? Although we are very well known at Care For Health for our hands-on approach to our clients, there is a lot that we are able to do to help patients remotely and therefore help them to make huge improvements in their lives. Many musculoskeletal issues can be improved with changes to your lifestyle and rehabilitation exercises. We can assist in the reduction in pain, an increase in mobility and a healthier, more enjoyable life. 

If you are in pain and need expert advice from qualified and experienced practitioners then Care For Health Online is for you. Also, if you are thinking of taking up a new sport, an online screening session before you begin can highlight your current strengths and any physical challenges you may face. 


What to do:

  1. Book your appointment online here. You will receive an email confirming your appointment and a link for you to connect with us online.
  2. During your first online appointment we will take a full medical history and talk about your specific problem/s. Please wear comfortable clothes as we will also ask you to perform some basic functional movements. We will coach you through the initial exercises that we prescribe for you to do.
  3. Following your appointment we will send you suggestions for lifestyle advice and suggested changes and an ongoing exercise plan. 


Who is Care For Health Online for? 

Anyone seeking

 To reduce time travelling or is unable to attend the clinic

 A second clinical opinion

 A cost efficient and effective option 


Care For Health Online is 

 Ideal for patients who live in remote areas or overseas

 Perfect for clients who need expert healthcare in their own home

 Suitable for anyone who prefers not to have the physical touch involved in a face to face appointment

 Appropriate for anyone unable to travel due to injury or illness

 Great for a check up prior to beginning a new physical activity 


Care For Health Online offers

 A range of ongoing pain management options

 Customised exercise advice

 Ergonomic assessment for home workers 

You don't need to feel alone. It is our aim to empower you to Care for YOUR Health.