Osteopathy and physical therapies in Mallorca

(Thera) Gun for Hire

Anyone know what this is?

If you know then you’ll already appreciate what an incredible tool it is for working on muscles, BUT if you don’t know… let us introduce to you our Theragun Pro…

The 4th generation Theragun PRO is TheraBody’s top-tier, professional-grade tool for advanced percussive therapy and deep muscle treatment and recovery.

The PRO is calibrated to reach 60% deeper into muscle (at 40 times per second) than the average electronic massager.

The latest Theragun PRO continues to offer athletes the reliable performance, ease-of-use, and versatility that has made the name an industry leader. This includes the patented Theragun Triangle ergonomic handle with four unique arm positions, along with custom speed selections, Bluetooth connectivity, and an OLED screen to display your current speed and responsive force meter. All orders also come standard with (6) closed-cell foam attachments.

But these tools are expensive and not everyone can afford them, so we’ve decided to buy a Theragun specifically for our clients to use and rent for short periods of time to help them recover and rehab from injuries at home as well as in clinic with us.

Send us an email if you’d like to know more about our plan!