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breathing exercises, Mallorca, Osteopath

Don’t forget to breathe!

Breathing is the cornerstone of everything.

Nothing is as important. 

Breathing from the lower part of your lungs, or the belly, presents many benefits:
  • It increases the function of the Psoas muscle which is essential to hip bending (walking)
  • Increased Psoas function and opens up performance capacity for the whole body
  • It improves digestion
  • It improves lung function
  • It improves immune function
  • It improves blood and lymph flow
  • It stabilises the automatic nervous system
  • It increases heart rate variability
  • It decreases arterial blood pressure

Breathing, Mallorca, Osteopath

Why is it important to breathe effectively? Seventy percent of the blood supply to the lungs is found in the lower half of the lungs. If we are not drawing the air all the way down to the base of the lungs, we are losing out on a vital part of the lung tissue that supplies oxygen to the body. When the oxygen is reduced, the systems collapse and the cells start to fail. When too many cells are operating in this weakened state, our overall health and structure begin to give out symptoms of malfunctioning; these symptoms inevitably end up translating into some form of illness and/or injury.

breathing, Mallorca, Osteopathy

The most important thing we should do is to facilitate breathing with the diaphragm. As we watch the world change due to the virus spreading, it puts our bodies into a state of constant stress and survival.  In the past couple of weeks, even I have to admit – I catch myself holding my breath watching what has been happening around me.

breathing, Mallorca, Osteopathy

The good thing is that I am aware of this and I am able to stop and say: Joe, breathe, breathe deep and slow, in through the nose, out through the mouth, nothing in the chest and all in the tummy. It has become a mantra for me, and this is what I would like to share with the world. If we can all change the state of stress in our bodies, we will be able to cope with what is going on around us.
When we breathe from a place of choice instead of a place of flight or survival then we start to function in an expanded state. An expanding body has endurance, power, flexibility, and strength, thus having a better outcome on our state of mind.
Check in with yourself, and don’t forget to BREATHE
Best wishes to you and your families! 

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