Osteopathy and physical therapies in Mallorca

Amanda Villegas Sanchez from Care 4 Health in Mallorca

Amanda Villegas Sánchez

Amanda joined Care 4 Health in 2019 with the intention of being a founding member of a practice that would combine the best principles and techniques of osteopathic and manual therapies.

With over a decade of experience, Amanda follows the philosophy that physical therapy is most successful when people are treated as whole human beings, not as individual parts, and her work is focused on finding and treating the root causes. Amanda has a strong interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has studied extensively in Asia to qualify in several of the disciplines associated with TCM.

Amanda speaks Spanish and English.


Expert in Manual and Energetic Naturopathy: Chiromassage, Shiatsu, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Reiki in HYLE, Seville
Structural, Visceral and Cranial Osteopathy in PRAXIS, Seville
Homeopathy and Biological Therapies by BIOTICA Laboratories, Seville
Phytotherapy (Herbalist) in GAIA, Seville
Auriculopuntura Therapist in PRAXIS, Seville
Kinesio Tape Therapist in PRAXIS, Seville
Thai Massage in TCM, Thailand
Fu Zhen Therapy in NATURALMENTE, Seville